Spray Bottles

Cosmetic spray bottles can be used for perfumes, body mists, essential oils and a variety of other beauty uses. There are many different bottles, including:

Round Glass Bottles
Glass bottles are commonly used for perfumes or other types of sprays that have more acidity to them, as the glass won’t seep the liquids through like plastic might. These come in a variety of sizes including: .5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 32 oz. The caps that top these are plastic sprayers that come in either black or white. There are also clear plastic overcaps that can go over the toppers to protect the sprayers from going off. The sprayers create a fine mist when pressed that doesn’t create too much moisture.

Plastic Bottles
Plastic spray bottles are among the most popular for cosmetics because they are affordable, lightweight and can easily be labeled. These are similar to the glass bottles in their shape and also come in a variety of different sizes. For the round bottles, the 2oz container has a height of 135mm with a diameter of 32mm, the 4oz bottle has a height of 168mm and a diameter of 39mm and the 8oz bottle has a height of 203mm with a diameter of 47mm. There’s also a 16oz bottle with a height of 222mm and a diameter of 62mm. The height and diameter measurements vary for each of the different bottles, as some are thinner and taller while others are shorter and wider.

The colors available in plastic spray bottles include clear as well as white, black and amber. There are also tinted clear colors that are popular for a lot of body mists. The plastics used are generally PET, which is a sturdy material that will steadily hold liquids without risks of easy breaks or leaks. There are also some bottles that have brushed aluminum collars to create more of a luxurious look than most typical bottles have. The spray toppers range in color, but the most common colors are black and white. There are also caps that top the sprayers to protect them from leaks or accidental sprays.

Amber Plastic Bottles
Amber bottles made from PET plastic come in a variety of shapes, including round. This is a common shape that includes sizes 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz. The tops of these can be white fine mist sprayers, but there are also black fine mist sprayers available. There are also overcaps that go onto the tops of the sprayers to protect them from leaks. Amber is a popular color for essential oils as well as other scents.

Clear Glass Vials
Clear glass vials in 4ml sizes are popular for traveling or giving out samples. They hold just enough liquid to provide the user with scent for several days. The 4ml size is 81mm in height and 14mm in diameter, the neck finish is also 13mm in size. These come with white fine mist sprayers and clear overcaps that protect the sprayers from accidentally being pressed. Small plastic vials can also come with black fine mist sprayers, but the color of the actual vial will remain clear. The misters twist on easily so they will stay secure without running the risk of snapping off.