Perfume Bottles

When a woman goes into the perfume aisle of her favorite health and beauty store, the number of options for perfumes can be overwhelming. If she doesn’t already have a signature scent or a favorite brand, she’ll need to choose a new perfume. Without taking the time to smell each and every scent, there will be one factor that will determine which bottles she’ll pull from the shelves: the bottle design. Find out what the design of perfume bottles say about their brands.

The Simple Cylindrical Shape
Some brands choose not to create bottles with much detail. The simple shape of a cylindrical bottle shows that a company is classic and timeless. These bottles are beautiful and easy to use, making them the standard over time. A cylindrical bottle should feature the brand’s name or logo as well as offering some detail to make it stand out. It might be the color of the cap or a bit of glitz. Without this detail, there is less of a chance of these simple bottles being chosen from the wide selection.

The Rectangle
While the cylindrical shape may be the traditional bottle type, the rectangle is taking over. A rectangular bottle shows that a brand is modern and up to date. Rectangular perfume bottles look contemporary and edgy, showing consumers that the perfume will be on trend. Many companies are choosing to market their newer scents in rectangular bottles as a way of showing that they are staying modern and fresh.

Feminine Shapes
While many women prefer the simple lines of cylindrical and rectangular shaped bottles, there are also many curvy shapes in the perfume section. These curvy shaped bottles offer a feminine flair that makes them stand out. Often, these bottles are purchased just as much to be displayed as to be worn. Curves, jewels, and feminine writing on the bottle make these bottles beautiful.

Novelty Shapes
The tall purple cat from Katy Perry and the plump red apple from the Twilight series are both examples of novelty perfume bottles. These bottles are often marketed toward teens and are affiliated with a celebrity, movie, or musical group. While the bottles look fun and interesting, the quality of the product is generally not so high. These bottles make great gift for the teen girl on your shopping list, but are generally not considered to be the first choice of woman over the age of 18.

Adding to the Bottle
In addition to shape, there are other things to consider about the perfume bottle. Colors, designs, and logos are all design elements that should be thoughtfully considered. These factors will help to speak to consumers about the brand. After the bottle is created, there are other accents that can be added. Accessories are often placed around the cap. Some brands use charms, other use jewelry. Adding a texture to the bottle can create interest and make that particular perfume stand out.

When creating a perfume bottle, it’s important to keep the consumer in mind. Know who you’ll be targeting your product to and create a bottle that will resonate with that buyer.