Nail Polish Bottles

While most people probably don’t think about the size and shape of their favorite nail polish bottles, there are many design factors that make up the small containers. Each part of the design should be thoughtfully considered to create a bottle that makes the polish easy to use. While the bottle design may be a matter of personal preference, there are several factors that can be discussed in an effort to create the best possible bottle.

Bottle Size
The first factor to consider when it comes to nail polish bottles is the actual size of the bottle. Full sized bottles typically hold .5 oz. of nail polish. A full size bottle also allows for a full size brush and a cap that is easy to hold while using the brush. Mini bottles are typically half the size of their full sized predecessor. Mini bottles mean smaller brushes and caps which can make them more difficult to use. However, many choose to purchase mini bottles to carry with them for quick touch ups.

Bottle Shape
Next up is the shape of the body of the bottle. Often, this is how each beauty company sets itself apart from the rest. Round and square bottles are most common, however some brands have made the choice to use novelty shapes (think heart and flowers) to market their polishes. The shape of the bottle does not impact the ability to use the polish. However, many customers have a preference when it comes to purchasing products. Some will say that certain bottle shapes make it more difficult to get all of the polish out. Some simply prefer the look of one shape to another.

Cap Shape
While the shape of a bottle may not matter, the shape of a cap absolutely does matter. The cap becomes the handle used to apply the polish, meaning that it needs to be easy to hold and should be comfortable to hold while applying the product. If a cap feels awkward in the hand, it will turn customers off from the brand. A slight curve on the cap will make it more comfortable to rest between the fingers. A cap that is too slender will be less comfortable to hold while a cap that is too short or thick will be difficult to control.

Finally, the brushes attached to the bottle will need to be considered. These are also extremely important as they allow the user to get the task of painting the nail done. There is a risk of choosing a brush that is too stiff, causing the dragging of color over the nail and leaving streak marks behind. A brush might also be too soft, causing the color to spread too quickly over a wide area. The width of the brush is also important. A brush should fan out, allowing the nail to be covered.

Each piece of the design of nail polish bottles should be considered when creating a product. If comfort, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal are all considered, you’ll be able to create the perfect bottle design.