Lotion Pumps

Lotion pumps can be used for dispensing liquids other than lotion. They vary in shape, size and use. A pump is essentially made of four main parts: piston, pump chamber, pump head and collar. Different pumps are needed for dispensing liquids of various viscosity. The output or discharge rate of the pump depends on the amount of liquid that is needed for a single application.

Lotion pumps can be used for dispensing soap, moisturizer, primer and other cosmetic products. They can be attached to small pen tubes, larger glass bottles or plastic bottles. Lotion pumps attached to non-airtight bottles can be reused. These are also easier to assemble, repair and adjust.

There are two different types of pump heads – ones that lock and ones that don’t. The pump heads with a lock feature can be closed by pressing the head down and turning the top piece clockwise. This is best for traveling so that the lotion or liquid inside the chamber does not leak.

All pumps vary in dose, output and discharge rate. The dose from one pump depends on the amount needed for a single application of the liquid within the chamber. Doses vary from less than 1 ml to over 2 ml for standard sized bottles. There are also some pumps that have dual chamber pumps for a greater output.

The standard closures for lotion pumps are as follows: 24/410, 24/415, 28/400, 28/410, 28/415. These come with either a flat or a ribbed collar. The collars can be made of plastic or aluminum. Both options can come in colored varieties. Plastic collars can be clear or colored. Aluminum collars offer a shiny metallic effect. Lotion pumps with aluminum collars can be attached to airtight jars. These are leak-proof pumps that are a more sanitary option since less bacteria will be able to enter the liquid chamber. However, these jars are non-refillable and they are difficult to repair if ever the piston breaks or if the tube gets clogged.

Pump Head
The pump head is usually made from colored or clear plastic. The size of this piece depends on the nozzle and how much liquid should be dispensed. The nozzle comes in different shapes and sizes. There are ones that curve downwards, protrude forward, are shaped like tubes and ones that are flat. The thickness of the liquid inside the chamber should determine what type of nozzle is to be used.

Lotion pumps are usually made of PP plastic with some aluminum and stainless steel parts. The collar can be fitted with an aluminum sheet to create a metallic and elegant effect. The spring inside the piston is usually made of high quality stainless steel.

The tube that goes inside the liquid chamber is usually made of high quality LDPE plastic. It can be cut according to the size of the chamber. This is attached to the pump piston so that the liquid can move up from the lower to the upper changer with one single push of the head. The diameter of the tube depends on the thickness of the liquid inside the chamber.