Lotion Bottles

Lotion bottles come in all different shapes, sizes and forms. They are made from many different types of material, most are either plastic, glass or acrylic containers. Because there are several different kinds of lotion, whether it be face, hands or body, the formulas for lotion differ considerably. This is one of the reasons that lotion bottles are incredibly diverse. Not only that but, the wide variety of choices that are available, give consumers the option to pick what they prefer. Some specific products come in bottles that aren’t well made or difficult to use. Included below are some of the different options for storing lotion.

Some lotions are kept in capped tubes. These tubes are usually made from plastic and depending on their size, can hold quite a bit of lotion. Capped plastic tubes aren’t always the best choice though when it comes to lotion bottles. Whether it’s face lotion, hand lotion or otherwise, the lotion can sometimes cause build up and cake around the spout that it comes out of. If application isn’t done carefully, and lotion gathers on the spout or in the cap, it’s wasteful and causes a bit of a mess. Another problem that some may have with capped tubes is if they forget to close the cap all the way, the lotion then becomes exposed. This can dry out lotion and decrease it’s effectiveness over time.

Secondly, there are lotion bottles that are also made of plastic, but instead of the capped tops, they have the pump dispensers. This is helpful for many people who don’t want to have to screw a top on and off, or not want to flip up a cap. Pump dispensers come in a wide variety of options. There are the smooth pumps, the up lock pumps, the down lock pumps and the foamers. This method can be the least strenuous for those that have problems with the strength in their hands. So for those who have trouble gripping or twisting things, this option is preferred. The most notable downside to this method of keeping lotion is that, depending on how much lotion you need, you may have to pump more than a few times. That can get a bit annoying, especially if the pump doesn’t dispense a lot each time.

Lastly, the most efficient and one of the best ways to store lotion in the glass bottle. These type of lotion bottles are great because they come in virtually every type and size, and they easily dispense the amount of lotion that you need. You can choose to use a pump with a glass bottle, or you can simply twist off the pump and pour as much lotion into your hand as you require. Because of the many different types of lotion there are, as well as travel size and family size containers, some of these options may work better than others. But it’s important to find the type that works just right for you and your family. Lotion bottles are just as varied as many other cosmetic containers, it just depends on your personal preference.