Loose Powder Containers

There is an art to creating cosmetic packaging. The best products will offer packaging that combines both form and function. When it comes to loose powder packaging, some companies are hitting the nail on the head while a surprising number (including some big name brands) are missing the mark. Creating a loose powder container that customers love will help a beauty brand to sell more product and keep customers coming back.

Loose Powder Container Basics
The purpose of loose powder containers is to allow users to pick up the product with a large powder brush. For this reason, the best containers are simple shapes and have a large opening to allow for the size of the brush. The containers should have tight fitting lids to prevent the product from spilling. With loose powders, any lost product will quickly lead to a huge mess.

Adding Sifters
Some brands choose to use an open container for their loose powders. This can be helpful for getting a good amount of product on the brush, but the majority of users do not prefer an open container. The reason is simple, an open container means that you will, inevitably, spill the product. To a consumer, lost product means lost money. In fact, many individuals will choose to transfer product from open containers into more manageable containers after purchasing the product.

To make a container usable, a sifter is not only recommended but perhaps even necessary. A sifter allows the user to turn the container upside down, with the lid on, to free a small amount of the product. It gives the user control over how much product is released. This prevents too much product from getting onto the brush at one time. It also means that if the container is dropped or moved, the amount of product spilled will be minimal.

A Container Made to Travel
One of the big complaints with loose powder containers is that the product creates a huge mess when the container is transported. For those who travel frequently or even move their makeup cases from room to room, this is a huge issue. There’s nothing worse than traveling, opening your makeup bag, and finding spilled product covering everything. When designing a loose powder container, it’s important to ensure that the powder will be contained regardless of how much the container is moved.

A Locking Sifter
The solution to the issue of leaked powder is to include a lock option on the sifter. Manufacturers have already discovered the need for sifters to provide a limited amount of product at a time. This is a great first step toward creating the perfect container. However, when the container is flipped, turned, and jostled, sifters will allow a large amount of product to escape. This is what causes the mess when the product is opened later. A locking feature simply allows the user to turn the sifter off by covering the holes or to turn on the sifter by opening them back up. This may seem like a small detail, but it makes all the difference in saving product and sanity for the consumer.